Custom ICF Homes

The Benefits of Building with ICF Insulated Concrete Forms in Florida


ICF Builder Insulated Concrete FormsThe housing market is still hot, and that’s certainly true in many cities and towns across the State of Florida. Like much of the rest of the nation, demand remains high, but supply is low. There just aren’t enough homes currently on the market. That’s created a real need for new construction homes as prospective buyers flood the market. Today’s homebuyer is, no doubt, looking for the strongest, most economical, and the safest way to build a new home to fit their needs, ICF Insulated Concrete Forms


Sub-Tropical Environments


Hurricane IanFlorida buyers have their own unique needs, as the threat of hurricane force winds can’t be underestimated. While this is especially true in places and locations along the coast, it’s also something those building new homes inland must be conscious about. Not only can using superior building methods help new homeowners reduce the risk of suffering potentially catastrophic hurricane wind damage to their property, but there’s also state’s unique climate to contend with.


Places like northern Florida and central Florida offer a humid, subtropical climate, while south Florida is primarily tropical. While the winter season in Florida is generally mild, temperatures do tend to heat up during the summer months, sometimes only to be relieved by afternoon and evening storms. Florida has more thunderstorms in a year than any other state in the nation, but its hurricanes that can potentially be the most damaging.


Vulnerability of Sub-Tropical Environments


The coastline of Florida, especially, is prone to storms, hurricanes, and high wind. That makes it even more important to build new homes with high-quality construction methods. Florida’s weather conditions are sometimes challenging, and homeowners need a sense of comfort and safety when it comes to new home construction. 


What is ICF


Cape Coral ICF HomesICF stands for Insulated Concrete Forms. The forms are placed in between two layers of expanded polystyrene foam. Filled with concrete in the middle, those blocks are connected with steel rods, and they interlock. Because they’re nearly a foot thick, with a half foot of concrete in the center, they are extremely strong and offer a high level of impact resistance. This is what makes them such a good choice for the exterior walls of homes in Florida. 


The benefits of building with ICF and how it’s beneficial to new home owners living on the waterfront


ICF Insulated Concrete FormsNot only can ICF construction help protect against potentially damaging hurricanes, but it is also used to protect against fires and earthquakes. I’m currently assisting clients building luxury waterfront homes in Florida using Insulated Concrete Forms, (ICF), building products. There are certainly plenty of benefits to building with ICF, especially new homeowners who choose to live in coastal areas of Florida. Waterfront ICF homes in Florida are a great choice because they’re better able to stand up to hazardous weather conditions. 


Waterfront ICF Homes


We’re currently building these types of homes in SW Florida and in other locations around the state. While it just makes sense for new homebuyers in places like Cape Coral, Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Tampa to search out ICF builders in Florida, there are other locations around the state that can also benefit. Apart from just Southwest Florida, places like Orlando in Central Florida can see some real advantages in terms of ICF construction methods. 


New Homes in Florida


New homes in Florida with ICF construction are less drafty and they’re quieter, too. It’s easier to maintain a consistent temperature, even in a subtropical climate such as Florida. One study found 60-percent less energy loss in a home with ICF walls. That kind of energy efficiency can’t be underestimated. In some cases, it could mean big savings on your cooling bills or heating bills, depending on which part of Florida you’re considering building. 


Custom ICF Builder Insulated Concrete FormsOther studies show a high degree of soundproofing and even better air quality, which can be a real bonus for those suffering from allergies or asthma. ICF constructed homes don’t have to deal with mildew or mold either, plus they help keep pests, insects, and rodents out. As the years pass, concrete holds up well, meaning when you choose ICF, you also choose a low-maintenance building material. 


More benefits of building with ICF Concrete Forms in Florida


One more thing for prospective homebuyers to think about is the overall cost of building a new home right now. Like much of the rest of the nation, Florida has seen the costs associated with building a new home rise dramatically. Because of that, ICF construction is even more attractive and cost effective. Labor costs are high right now, but ICF walls require fewer workers to install. While it may cost a bit more to build an ICF home over a traditional wood-frame home, there are other savings that help offset the costs. Qualified ICF home builders in Florida know it’s easier and its faster.