Cape Coral New Construction Homes for Sale

Cape Coral New Construction Homes for Sale

New Construction Homes for Sale Cape Coral


With its hundreds of miles of canals, its affordable neighborhoods and its easy access to outdoor fun and recreation, Cape Coral is one of the best places to search for a home right now, as there are several new communities offering new construction homes in Cape Coral. This growing city has the distinct advantage of plenty of opportunities for new construction, as development has really taken off in recent years, and new homes and available properties are continually hitting the market. The city has grown substantially over the past few decades, and continues to do so today, with plenty of new options available in terms of new homes for sale in Cape Coral. In just the past 20 years or so the population of Cape Coral has nearly doubled, and new development in Cape Coral shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 


Cape Coral New Construction Homes for SaleBrand new homes can be found in communities all across Cape Coral, with some of the latest development coming to Northwest Cape Coral, where buyers are able to find new waterfront homes, many of which offer the advantage of Gulf access. Thanks to all the canals in this part of Florida, finding a waterfront home in Cape Coral is relatively easy, plus Cape Coral new construction homes are also extremely prevalent, as builders continue to construct new homes in one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. 


Search New Construction Homes for Sale $300K to $600K


It certainly helps that a Cape Coral lifestyle is financially viable for many buyers. Despite some of the higher prices you might find in other large Florida cities or even in large cities in other parts of the US, Cape Coral has remained relatively more affordable and more attainable for many buyers. The cost of living is lower here, yet new homes for sale in Cape Coral are continuing to hit the market, as more and more buyers seek their own new properties and new homes to call their own in this part of the state. 


New Construction Homes in Cape Coral for every budget


Cape Coral New Construction Homes for SaleDepending on your individual needs and your budget, you may likely find that you’re able to get more for your money in Cape Coral, even if you’re interested in a new construction home. On the higher end of the scale, there are some new construction homes in Cape Coral that are on the market and priced in the multi-million-dollar range. Some of these homes easily surpass 3,000 or even 4,000 square feet of living space, and often contain four- or more bedrooms and baths. Some of these homes also offer the advantage of water views, as they include private outdoor space with swimming pools and outdoor living space overlooking your own private boat dock.


You’ll commonly find that new construction homes in Cape Coral come in a variety of different styles, sizes, and price points, some of which are modern and contemporary-style homes that are located in some of Cape Coral’s best new neighborhoods and communities. Living in a new construction home right on a canal is certainly an advantage for many homebuyers, especially if you want to enjoy all that Florida has to offer, both on and off the water. Other new construction homes in Cape Coral are priced even lower, sometimes in the low $1 million range. For this price point, you can still often find a three-bedroom, or sometimes even a four- or five-bedroom layout.


What are the price ranges of new construction homes in Cape Coral?


Cape Coral New Construction Homes for SaleNot every buyer in Florida has that kind of budget either for a new construction home, and that’s one of the things that makes Cape Coral unique when comparing it to other locations. In Cape Coral, you’ll find that plenty of new construction homes on the market right now are priced well below $1 million, including several that contain three-bedrooms, three-baths, and around 2,000 square feet of living space. There are a number of new homes priced in the $500,000 range too, which sometimes are also new waterfront homes in the City of Cape Coral. Not to be overlooked either are some even more affordable new construction homes in Cape Coral, as there are several new homes that have hit the market recently that are priced in the $300,000s. These homes offer the advantage of new construction, yet they also work well for those trying to stay within budget but not willing to give up on the dream of owning a single-family home in Southwest Florida. 


There are obviously so many reasons that new home buyers are drawn to Cape Coral, especially those who come in search of Cape Coral new construction homes. Apart from simply owning a new home in a growing part of Florida, Cape Coral also provides easy access to countless local amenities and conveniences. There are a number of area parks to explore in Cape Coral, plus there are also some area museums and cultural institutions to visit. The long-standing Cape Coral Art Festival & Market Place comes to the city each January, where you can view artwork from hundreds of artisans and craftsmen. It’s one of the county’s largest events, and commonly draws in well more than 100,000 people. 


Living in Cape Coral also means easy access to the golf course, including the 18-hole, Coral Oaks Golf Course, and the 27-holes of golf at Cape Royal Golf Club. You probably won’t have to venture far, because there are dozens upon dozens of golf courses within a short drive when you purchase a new home in Cape Coral. If you’d rather spend time out on the water, you can easily do that too when you purchase a new home in Cape Coral. Recently, the city added a number of new freshwater canal access points, making it easier than ever for people to access public waterways. There are also, though, many homes in Cape Coral that offer not only water access, but Gulf access. Because some of these are new construction, it opens up the opportunity for buyers to find a well-built home with some of the latest features and finishes, without sacrificing a prime location.


Are home prices going up in Cape Coral, Florida?


Unlike some other communities that rely on teardowns for new construction in a preferred location, Cape Coral new construction homes are still going up at a rapid pace. This means buyers interested in a new home in this part of the State of Florida have a lot of opportunities. It’s no secret that new construction is booming in Cape Coral, and homebuyers are able to take advantage of living in an attractive part of Florida, oftentimes at a more attractive price point.